The Rotary Club of Barton-le-Clay lends money to entrepreneurs in various parts of the world where most good can be done.

Imagine  a young  farmer  in  Rwanda  who  has  a  small  farm  of  only  two  acres. He  realises  that  he would  be  far  more  successful  if  he  could  buy another  two  acres  but  he  does  not  have  the  cash.    
He  goes  to  the  Microfinance  Institution  in  his  local  town,  they  have  a  look  at  his scheme  and  agrees  that  it  is  a  good  idea  and  promise  to  raise  the  funds  on  condition  that  he  attends  classes  to  learn  how  to  handle his money and to farm his land most economically. The  Microfinance  Institution  then  applies  to  Lend  with  Care  who  then  show  the  loan  on  their  website  and  ask  for  offers  to  lend  part of  the  amount  required.    We,  and  many  other  lenders,  then  make  their  offers  and  the  amount  lent  is  taken  from  our  account.    The amount  requested  by  the  entrepreneurs  is  usually  in  the  range  of  £200  to  £5000.    Our  contribution  is  usually  £200.    As  the entrepreneur  pays  back  the  loan  so  it  is  paid  back  into  our  account  and  when  there  is  sufficient  we  can  make  another  loan  to someone else.

Rtn Jim Ellis-Jones is our Lendwithcare champion and our group started on 10th March 2014
We have made a total of 559 loans  so  far, with  the  repayments  that  have  been  made and lent  again, our  total  lending  amounts  to  £11,456.28 (figures correct as at 01/04/2021).
To date we have helped 3,060 entrepreneurs and 9,256 family members.
Our  money  has  been  used four times over! We  receive  no  interest  from  these  loans  but we  are  sure  that  the entrepreneurs  make  good  use  of  the  loans  to  boost  their  standard of living of them and their families, their employees and the general economic life of their community.