Santa Sleigh - Street collections

Wed, Nov 29th 2023 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Santa Sleigh - Street collections starts at Hillhead Drive - 6pm.

Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites
Santa Sleigh, Street Collections 2023

 On a freezing Nov 28th evening Santa street collections started on Hillhead Drive.

Ian leading Santa and his helpers touring the estate, families coming out to see
Santa Bill H with their Christmas wishes.
Santa's Hillhead Rotary escord were Terry, Tony, John B, Jeff B with of course Ian driving Santa.

On a very wet Mon 4th night Santa street collected around the big estate of Moat Hill Birstall
The collection finished in Beach Grove where resident Christine very gratefully supplied Mulled wine,  sausage rolls and mince pies to very wet Rotarians.
Santas escort Jeremy, President Mary and John, Birstall in Bloom helper with Santa David in the Sleigh.
Ian driving Santa.

Santas next journey was on Wed 6th Woodland's Road 0 degrees making for a very cold evening again.
Santa's escort Paul, John B, Christine and Jeff with Susan.
Social media was very excited, people asking when Santa was arriving, taking pictures onto Woodlands whatsapp. Santa sleigh brings people out all talking in groups watching kids talking to Santa - good to see even in freezing weather. 

Mon 11th Santa Bill H and his escort of Steve, Jeremy, Colin and John S collected around Greenacres and Foxglove. Greenacres was very busy with ques of children and families wanting to see Santa .
For this collection Santa had a dry and pleasant 6 degree evening.

Wed 13th Millers Croft was Santas destination on a cold but dry pleasant evening.
Santa was escorted by Jerry, Paul, Keith BIBer, with Dave as Santa again.
But Santa still had work to do. Traveling down to Birstall Santa visited Cobles Cafe where their Youth Club were waiting with very excited children for Santas arrival.
Youth leader Donna organised the young Children to see Santa and receive a gift.
Well done Santa and Ian for a very busy evening.
(Leader Donna gave permission to show children in photo)

Sunday 17th Dec the last street collect wound its way to end at StThomas church on a cold but clear night.
Santas escort was Jeremy, Nigel and John B with Paul doing Santa duties.

Big thanks to Ian for driving the streets with all the Rotarians escorting Santa around pictured. below
Santa David, Santa Bill H and Santa Paul.
Not forgetting Jeremy printing flyers and all the house to house flyer posters.
Big thanks to chief organiser Ian for the stress of filling collector rotas.

Hillhead Drive Team Photo

Moat Hill Team Photo

Woodlands Almond way Team pic.

Greenacres and Foxglove Team Photo

Millers Croft Team Photo

St Thomas Team Photo

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