Membership Committee is tasked with locating members of the local Community who would benefit from and enhance service within the Rotary movement.

Evening meeting presentation

Committee Chair: Robert Bourguignon

The principle aim of the Falmouth Membership Committee is to discuss the Rotary Club’s future membership needs, taking into consideration the club’s aims and objectives in relation to its community commitments and additional projects that the club may create. The committee also encourages existing Rotary Club members to seek and introduce new prospective members. The committee aims to ensure, through meetings, that a synergy can be established to maximise prospective member’s expectations together with their aims and objections and those of the club.

The Falmouth Membership Committee looks to bring about regular monthly Rotary evening meetings, principally ‘Speaker’ events, that enables members to invite family and friends on an informal basis with the emphasis being to broaden fellowship. This also promotes awareness of the Rotary movement and more importantly the work undertaken for the local community by the local Rotary members. 

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