Rotary Shoebox Scheme - at Christmas time - but ALL year around too!

Rotary's own Shoebox Scheme - benefiting all those in need in Easter Europe - in need of even the most basic items


Ever wondered what it’s like to be truly ‘in need’ – ALL YEAR ROUND? Not just at Christmas time? 

Christmas has become a time when people celebrate the season and look forward to being able to offer gifts, however big or small, to their families and friends. 

There are people who are in need of even very small gifts ALL YEAR ROUND, just to make their lives easier and more bearable.

Rotary Shoebox Scheme offers the chance for you to make small gifts to those people ALL YEAR ROUND. 

There could be opportunities for you, and your friends from groups and schools etc., to make a difference to those in need.  When?  That’s up to you. 

The Rotary Shoebox Scheme operates from Rotary Clubs within Rotary Great Britain & Ireland (R.GB & I)).  It’s based in Preston, Lancashire.

Shoebox Scheme provides flat-pack boxes (very easily made up) of a firm construction – often unlike the shoeboxes that are generally to be had.  The boxes are, consequently, of exact sizes and are printed as Rotary Shoebox Schemes, both of which designations assist with the transport of filled boxes overseas.  The requested £2 donation for the box is a contribution toward the production of the box and the transport overseas – not an enormous request in reality.

Not only that, the boxes are printed to allow choices of content - Mothers/Babies, young children (male/female), teenagers (male/female) and household (and this includes items for the elderly too).

So – it’s YOUR CHOICE as to which particular elements of society you particularly wish to support.

The Shoebox Scheme operates within Eastern Europe - why?  Because it initially started with the orphanages in Romania – remember those awful pictures of orphans in a home? - and spread from there.

When?  Again – it’s up to you.  When there are 100 boxes available from within an area, they are sent to Preston, Lancashire, to be added to their stock.  When they have 12,000 a despatch is made to Eastern Europe.  SO - the more the merrier, AND QUICKER.

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