H&W Rotary joins Great British Beach Clean

Citizen Science with the Marine Conservation Society

Once again, led by Manny Fordham and Trevor Guymer, members of H&W Rotary and friends scoured the shoreline at Lepe looking for evidence of pollution of the Solent. Routine litter sweeps regularly take place at Lepe but the purpose of this exercise is to look for small objects not usually picked up by these e.g. small pieces of plastic up to 2.5 cm (one inch) in particular, 'Nurdles', small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Countless billion are used each year to make nearly all our plastic products but many end up washing up on our shores. These are readily ingested by marine wildlife. The results of our efforts are fed back to the Marine Conservation Society.

The Marine Conservation Society's iconic annual Great British Beach Clean has been leading the way in tackling ocean pollution for 26 years, helping make some of the most significant impacts on beach litter ever - the plastic bag charge, banning microplastics in personal care products, better wet-wipe labelling, and supporting a tax on single-use plastic items.

So far 319 tonnes of litter have been collected during the Great British Beach Cleans.

Great British Beach Clean 2019 results

The Great British Beach Clean 2019 saw 437 beach cleans and litter survey take place with over 10,800 volunteers getting involved to remove10,833 kg of litter from the UK’s beaches...That's almost 11 tonnes of litter in one weekend alone.