Harry Strutters and the All-Stars plan Summer video.

Summer is icumin in! Loudly sing cuckoo!

Breaking News!

Following the highly successful Christmas Video (below) the Band is preparing to aid H&W's post-covid Fundraising efforts with another blockbuster video.

Details to follow when available.

O Come All Ye Faithful!

For many years Hythe Rotary has organised a Christmas concert for the people of the Waterside particularly those of advancing years (come to think of it most of the organisers fall into that group). We have been supported in the past by the Hampshire Police Band and the New Forest Bands. It has become increasingly costly to arrange these events and to find a venue. In this year of Covid-19, it is, of course, completely impossible to put on such an event.

We are privileged in the Club to have a gifted, active, professional musician, Anthony Carter (2nd left in photo). Tony has played with many of the famous bands including that of Chris Barber. It was Tony’s idea, rather than do nothing he would organise a group of his chums to record a short set of Christmas music for distribution around our patch. They happily (I think) agreed to appear pro bono. The session was recorded by Tony Sinfield on a very cold December morning at Fawley Rugby Club.

The Club would like to thank Tony and his chums for their very generous contribution to the Club’s Christmas efforts.