World Polio Day

Our members efforts to mark World Polio Day

On the morning of 14th October several members met to plant crocus corms at the junction of Rullion Road and Carlops Road and in the new Sensory Garden at Angle Park.  They were split into two separate teams and soon got on with the job at each location in very wet conditions.  The corms were planted to provide a reminder to us all that the fight against Polio is not yet over.  Although remarkable progress has been made by Rotary and its partners in ridding the World of Polio, most recently Africa was declared free of the virus, it is still evident in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  

Then on Saturday .24th October we arranged for the local St Mungo's Church to be floodlit in purple.  A banner had previously been placed in a conspicuous position to inform passers by and church goers of the significance of the event on that date.