AquaBox providing clean water where it is needed.

AquaBox a Rotary Club of Wirksworth project helping people caught up in disasters around the world.

AquaBox has become a charity recognised worldwide for providing aid in disaster areas.  For more information do watch the video below and visit their website.

Each of their AquaBoxes contains.

AquaFilter Family - muslin - Drainage tap - 2 survival bags - Instructional "cartoon" - and is filled with new, specially purchased, humanitarian goods as below

Bucket 1 off Cooking Pot 1 off Torch +Batteries 1
    Dessert Knives(4) 4 off Sewing Thread 1
HYGIENE   Desert Forks(4) 4 off Needles 1
Toothpaste 125g 2 off Desert Spoons(4) 4 off Tape Measure 1
Toothbrush 4 off King Serving Spoon(1) 1 off Candles 1pk (10)
Carboloic Soap 3 off Cups/mugs 4 off Matches 2 boxes
Cotton Wool Packet Bowls 2 off Childs small toy Doll?
Bandages Packet Plates 4 off Frizbee  
Fabric Dressings 1 Strip Scissors 1 off Skipping Rope  
Razors Packet Can Opener 1 off Football one
Crepe Bandages Packet Food Bags x 25 1 off Football Pump or
Sanitary Pads x 12 Packet     Cards two
Kitchen Rolls 1 to 4 SHELTER   Cards +Dominoes off
Hairbrush 1 off Clothes Line 30M Tennis Ball  
Comb 1 off Pegs x 48 1 pack Modelling Clay 1 pk
Tablets of Soap 4 off Hammer 1 off Coloured Pencils 10 off
Antiseptic Cream 30g 1 off Packs of nails 0.5-0.25kg Paper/pencils 1 Pack
    Pliers 1 off Garden Sacks x 10  
BABY   Folding Knife 1 GPK Rubble Sacks 8-10 off
Safety Pins 1 pack Garden Wire, Roll 2mm 2 Ball of string 1 or 2
Terry Towelling (2) 1 off Screwdriver + 1 off Insulation Tape 1 large roll
Drinking Mug 1 off matching Screws 200 off pks Cotton Sheet  
Spill Proof Cup   Brick trowel, 0.5 Towels (medium) 2 off
Vaseline 250g Hand Trowel 0.5 Reading Glasses  
    Tarpaulin 12