Our Peace Programme/ Peace Debate - States Chamber 19th Sept. 2014

40 senior students from 8 schools debate International and Local Peace issues under the chairmanship of The Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst. A keynote address was presented by His Excellency General Sir John McColl Lieutenant Governor of Jersey.

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After His Excellency's address on the Military Role in Peace Building, the  eight topics discussed and debated by the students were split into two categories, International and Local.  These are given below. The Chief Minister gave his observations on local issues that cause conflict and disharmony and summed up the mornings proceedings. He congratulated the students on their excellent contributions throughout.

The proceedings were recorded for us by BBC Jersey and we expect to have edited highlights available for you to listen to on this web site shortly. All photographs taken on the day are available for viewing and download here.

International Topics

Hautlieu School    

The role of whistleblowers such as Assange and Snowden and should they be viewed as heroes or villains?
Grainville School     

What are considered to be the greatest threats to world peace now and in the future and how they should be responded to?
Victoria College    

Do powerful nations have a right to intervene in conflict  situations in other countries, such as to destabilise governments that are hostile to them?
Le Rocquier School    

Violence against women in conflict situations.

Local Topics

Les Quennevais School     

Gay marriage and  GLBT rights in Jersey and the U.K. and other countries.
Jersey College for Girls    

Charity should begin at home-we should care for the poor and disadvantaged in Jersey before sending aid to other countries.   
De La Salle College

Whistle blowers and the use of social media with reference to events of global relevance and recent issues with politicians in Jersey.
Beaulieu Convent School    

There is a moral imperative of everyone, and especially the young, to vote.