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We try to focus most of our service on to the needs of our own community, the metropolitan District of Bradford. We like to offer service ourselves, but clearly it is sometimes that is not practicable.    We do not support individual requests, however worthy, because we want to ensure that help is spread as widely as possible so it is our policy to give financial help to established local charities which provide a specific service in the community. In order to raise these funds we collect in supermarkets, organise sponsored events and run social events.

You can find some detail of what we do elsewhere on this site (see below) but here are some headlines:-

  • Helping “Thornton in Bloom” by planting bulbs and maintaining two gardens over several years.

  • Support for Heaton Woods Trust over many years but specifically £2000 in 2016 to build a childrens’ playground.

  • Partnership with Bradford Academy (inner city secondary school), which has enabled 7 children to access youth leadership training programmes, over the last 3 years.

  • Raising £2000 in 2015 to support Bradford Soup Run – a homeless support charity in the City.

  • Supporting the Bradford Crocus Appeal (Cancer charity) £3000 in 2014.

  • Providing £2000 in 2014 for “Positive Lifestyle” an organisation dealing with the moral education of Bradford children.

  • Raising £4,500 for the Soldiers Charity for wounded servicemen in Yorkshire.  This was in 2012 and was raised on one of our sponsored walks which we arrange every two years and which over time have raised over £65,000 for charity.

There is a more detailed account of what we have done on the “Club Achievements” button on this website,

Contact us via the "Contact Us" button on the website which leads you to an email link.