International & World Community Service


International Service work 


It is difficult to provide direct service to other areas of the world so we rely on raising funds and giving them to organisations which can deliver the required service overseas. Increasingly we have become aware that not all monies sent to recipients actually get to deliver the required service and so increasingly we are directing funds to those groups which are managed by Rotarians. In this way we are assured of two things. First that there will be little or nothing deducted by way of administration costs, and second, that the oversight of Rotarians will normally ensure that all the money given will be used effectively.


Some schemes with which we have recently been involved

Sand Dams  a District Project to use local labour to construct dams in areas where there are short periods of heavy rains followed by months of drought.  The dam is soon filled by sand carried in the floodwater. But then a lot of water is retained in the sand which also acts as a filter and a tap in the bottom of the dam wall gives access to clean water long after the rains have ended.

Ukerewe Mwanza Project.  This exciting project in Tanzania was started by a West Yorkshire Rotarian about 7 years ago.  He and his team have a hands on approach and every penny given gets to benefit the local people. 

Lifestraws and Aquaboxes. Deliver clean water access in disaster areas.

Shelter Box. Also for disaster relief - a home and basic utensils for up to 12 people


For details on our recent work in this area see the Achievement for the last year section

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