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Brief description: Report on Service given and Charitable giving in Rotary Year 2020/21


Rotary Club of Bradford

Report on Service given and Charitable donations made in Rotary Year 2020/21

This is a provisional account of the service given and / or money distributed to charities (actually sent or approved by Club Council) by the 35 members of the Rotary Club of Bradford  during the course of the Rotary year 2020/21 (1st July to 30th June inclusive). 

The club raised over £11,500 this year from social events, successful grant applications, other fundraising and members donations. Using this we have actually dispersed over £ 11,200 of which over 67%  went to Bradford charities. 

                         (NB these are provisional figures, a full audited account will be produced later.)      


The Covid-19 Pandemic caused the suspension of all face to face Club meetings and throughout the year our members could only keep going via Zoom meetings.

It also effectively ended any opportunity for us to raise funds from the general public and so virtually all the funds raised came from Rotarians, families and friends in the absence of our ability to hold any public fundraising events. It is of great credit to our members and their close supporters that we have raised an above average amount.

As a result of restrictions the list of service below is therefore much truncated.


Community, Youth, Vocational & Environmental Service work in Bradford

Another successful bid for a Rotary District Foundation Grant saw us give £2,000 to  ‘Theodora Trust’ whose ‘Giggle Doctors’ entertain children at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

One of our two Interact Clubs (introducing schoolchildren to Rotary ideals with our Club’s supervision) was suspended (to resume in the autumn) the other continued their work to help the community. They also gave service and raised funds which are not included here.

We nominated a young woman from Bradford Academy who was later judged as the National Rotary Young Peacemaker of the year and we presented her award at her school.

Other youth activities were suspended because they were not able to be run as normal. 

Despite this we did manage to work on an ongoing basis with two local schools.  

Environmental service included a litter pick at Undercliffe Cemetery and continuing the efforts to improve the bereaved person’s waiting room at Bradford Coroner’s Court. 

Various individual community service acts were undertaken, in the name of Rotary by Club members during Covid-19 pandemic. A number of these services were reported in the local press.

A principal success has been surviving as a Club with the potential to give service when conditions allow and at the same time to have still been able to support local charities.

Financial support donated to community groups and charities working in Bradford:-

Theodora Trust who run the BRI Giggle Doctor programme   £   2,000

Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank                     £   1,000

Yorkshire Air Ambulance                    £      500

Inn Churches, Bradford                    £      500

Bradford disabled sportsman (team GB)     £      500

Marie Curie Hospice Bradford                     £      500

Bradford Grammar School Interact Club Charity Fund     £      400

Manorlands Hospice                      £      300

RNLI (Filey Inshore)                      £      300

Heaton Woods Trust – Children’s Play area              £      250

Bradford Soup Run                               £     250

Rotary Kids Out (Bradford)               £     250

Emmanus Bradford                               £     250

Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue               £     200

Upper Wharfedale Cave Rescue               £     200

Bradford Cathedral community work               £     200

Bradford West Rotary Club Project                       £     100

                                                                        A total of        £  7,700      

International Relief and development support

We have donated an emergency Shelter Box £  500                                              

Healthcare4all (Bradford Charity working in rural Pakistan) £  500                              

Aireborough Rotary Club India appeal         £  300                                         

Mary’s Meals                         £  200                           

Hillcrest Rotary Club (SA) Hunger appeal £  111                                                                                                                                                   

District 1040 Beirut Appeal                  £  100

                                             Total    £ 1,711   

Rotary Foundation

We have paid £1235 Rotary Foundation this year. 

And a further £622 to the Polio Plus  

Total Paid to Rotary Foundation £ 1,857   


Overall Club financial support to all local and international charities 

Grand Total    £ 11,268*

* Figures to 10 June of 2020 – full year figures will be available from Club audited Accounts in the autumn

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