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Report on Service given and Donations made

Rotary Club of Bradford

Report on Service given and Donations made - Rotary Year 2014/15


This is a provisional account of the service given and / or money distributed (actually sent or approved by Club Council to be sent) by members of the Rotary Club of Bradford (38 members) during the course of the Rotary year 2014/15.

In total the club will raise over £14,000 this year from supermarket collections, social events, raffles, successful grant applications, other fundraising and members donations to Foundation.

Using this we have dispersed almost £15,000, of which over 56% went to Bradford  charities. (NB these are provisional figures, a full audited account will be produced later.)

Bradford Community & Vocational & Environmental work

·         Continuing our New Generations project, we again sponsored young people from a local inner city secondary school to attend Rotary Youth Leadership schemes. One on the Rotary Ocean Youth Trust and another on Rotary Youth Leadership Award scheme. The school matched our effort with OYT and so three young people benefited.

·         Together with local community groups in Thornton, we maintained two Rotary gardens. One was recently dedicated to the late Valerie Binney former Lord Mayor and Club member.

·         We supported the Rotary Technology Tournament locally by one member’s involvement in the planning and with 6 members attending on the day.

·         We provided support to “Bradford Soup Run,by giving £2000 to this organisation which helps Bradford homeless people. We raised half the amount and successfully obtained a District Foundation Grant for the other half.

·         We have earmarked £1000 for the Heaton Woods Trust from current funds for a childrens’ playground. This forms the basis for application for a  District Foundation Grant.

·         We undertook 8 days (0900 -1800) of supermarket collections advertising the work of Rotary as well as collecting money.

·         We have provided Dictionaries for the use of children attending the Bradford Positive Lifestylesessions.

·         We hosted an information about Rotary evening in partnership with local Asian business organisation QED which attracted 30 interested parties of whom at least one joined another Bradford Rotary Club.

·         We organised a charity walk in aid of the Bradford Crocus Appeal and raised £3000 for that cause

We have financially supported the following community groups or events in the Bradford Metropolitan District:-

Bradford Crocus Appeal                                                                          £ 3000

Bradford Soup Run (for the homeless)                                                   £ 2000

Motor Neurone Support/Marie Curie Hospital                                         £ 1480

Sponsor young person on OYT youth leadership week                          £   550

Sponsor young person on RYLA youth leadership week                        £  475

Centre Point Bradford                                                                             £  500

Thornton in Bloom                                                                                  £  327

Bradford Academy Music Department                                                    £  100

CRUSE Bereavement service Bradford District                                       £    50

                                                           A total of                             £       8,482


·         To national Charities we have given the following:-

Guide Dogs for the Blind                                                                               £ 250

Spinal Atrophy                                                                                               £ 150

A total of                                                                                                   £    400  

International Relief and development support

·         Nepal Disaster – District Rotary Appeal                                 £ 1900

·         We have donated one emergency Shelter box                      £  590

·         We have donated one emergency Aquabox                          £  250

·         Kenya community project donation                                         £   50

·         Hope and Homes for Children                                                £  500

·         Vision Aid Overseas                                                               £  500

·         Bujagali Trust                                                                         £  500

·         World Child Cancer                                                                £  500

                                        Total  £ 4,790  

Rotary Foundation

·         We have paid over £1100 or over $45 per head at current exchange rates to Rotary Foundation this year.

·         We have contributed £120 to Polio Plus this year.

·         We have applied for a District Grant of £960 for Heaton Woods Trust.

Total Paid to Foundation and Polio Plus                 £ 1,275    



Overall Club total support this Rotary year to all charities or local causes

Grand Total    £14,947*

Figures to 7June of May 2015 – full year figures will be available from Club audited Accounts in the autumn.

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