Eric Bentham



All our members were saddened to hear of the passing of Eric earlier in the month. He joined the club in 1982, a time which seems to have been a fruitful era for new members. We will remember him as a perfect gentleman whose cheerful company and regular attendance at meetings made for memorable lunchtimes. The conversation would often lean towards horses and champagne, two of his favourite subjects which made a fine combination for stimulating discussion. How successful were his bets on the horses, we may never know but his extensive knowledge must have had its rewards. Our trips to the dog racing in Sheffield seemed fruitful for him. 

He was an enthusiastic supporter of our events, whether it was a quiz night, games night or anything else, he would be there with Julia. They were a regular part of the team assembled to manage our Charity walks, Kettlewell check point was their chosen spot. When it was time for a supermarket collection his name was always on the list. His support for Heaton Woods ensured the club made several contributions to the facilities which benefit all visitors. 

He served the club as assistant treasurer for many years, his accountancy qualifications means he was a natural choice for such a position. Also he was for many years Inter-club liaison officer, making arrangements for visits when suggestions were forthcoming. For his long and diligent service to the club he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship later followed by an upgrade to sapphire level. 

In recent years his hearing and mobility problems have made meetings more difficult for him but he persevered along with Jack and Geoff who occupied the seats in front of the President and speaker. Alas we have also lost Jack and Geoff has left the club. 

We extend our sincere sympathy to Julia and their family and assure them that they are in our thoughts at this sad time. 

Nothing is harder than losing someone you love, But friends can help you with the healing. Please know that you have friends who care. JP.