Christmas Thanks

Chesham Rotary Club would like to thank residents and visitors to Chesham who supported our Christmas Float over the Christmas period and made our collections for local charities such a success. <h3>Donate Here</h3>

Rotary Santa

Christmas Collections

A huge thanks goes to everyone for your support and all the hard work and preparation undertaken by many.  It is worthwhile when you see the sheer delight of the many hundreds of children and people of all ages when they see Santa in his Sleigh.  That applies whether it was in Chesham Market Square for the Christmas in Chesham evening, in the Broadway on Saturdays and Market Days and visiting the streets of Chesham and surrounding area.  It was very special for the children to have the opportunity to sit in the Sleigh alongside Santa.  Magic moments for all.

A big thank you also to everyone involved who makes it possible to get the Float and Santa out and about to be seen so much in and around Chesham.  This applies to the Rotarians in the background handling the towing duties, the groups who take the Float out in the evenings, and many more who’s help is invaluable. 

Overall it has been another memorable experience not least for the children to see Santa in his Sleigh, that is after all what this whole thing is about.

Chesham Rotary Club will always welcome enquiries about membership.  We are looking for new members who would like to get involved in the local community and the many different events we take part in during the year.  You could also be part of the Rotary Christmas Float event for Christmas 2019.

If interested please give us a call on 01494 785076 or email

Thank you once again and Santa is looking forward to seeing you all next Christmas.

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