Mirge Nepal Update 1


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Wollaton Park Rotary Club have been supporting the village of Mirge in Nepal for many years. We have built a school, a medical centre and various accommodations for teachers etc. The village lies a day’s drive to the east of Kathmandu in the direction of Mount Everest. Although not towards the epicentre, the earthquake and its aftershocks registered 6.9. All the houses in the village have been destroyed. Five people have been killed and 60 injured. All the villagers are having to sleep outside under polythene shelters. The earthquake happened in the morning when most people were out of their houses and on a day when the children were not in school, otherwise the death toll would have been much higher. The school has also been extensively damaged and will need rebuilding. The principal has arranged for a proper condition survey to be carried out. In the meantime he intends to construct temporary classrooms out of zinc so that teaching can continue. Some science equipment has been salvaged, but the computing lab and library have been destroyed. The volunteer’s house has also been destroyed. The village can only be reached in good weather along a dirt track clinging to the hillside and this is now unsafe. So aid will have to be brought in on foot. International aid will initially be concentrated on Kathmandu, Pokhara and Everest and will take time to trickle through to the remote regions. The need is for money to help the village and the school with reconstruction and provide food and shelter. We have a school bank account in the nearby town of Charicot and we can use this, as we have done in the past, to ensure that any money gets directly to the village. We need additional funds. I hope we can work together to ensure that the efforts of the past ten years in raising the quality of life in the village will not be lost. If you wish to donate to this cause Sort Code - 30-96-18 Bank Account Name - Rotary Club of Wollaton Park - No 2 Account Bank Account Number - 00131006 Charity Number 1033203

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