Business Partnership with Experian-2018


                                       Business Partnership with Experian

Brocklewood Primary School were keen to remove a fading mural from  an external wall but is often the case insufficient funds and limited manpower had meant they needed help to resolve the problem.

Peter Boyd and myself, operating under the WPRC Bussiness Partnership banner,  offered to help out. We approached Experian who agreed to provide volunteers  and fund the cost of paint so we were on our way.  The long winter delayed the project but on Wendsday 18th April 2018 a team of voluntees comprising Jade, Andy and Katie arrved at 9.30am  and with the temperature  rising set to work. Four coats and four hours  later the job was done. Another example how Rotary can get things done whilst forging ties with  the schools and local Business community.

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