Mirge Nepal Update 2


Ten days since the devastating earthquake struck Nepal and no aid has yet reached the village. Some tents for families have been obtained, but the majority of the villagers are living under makeshift shelters. The village is still experiencing daily earth tremors and after-shocks. The water supply put in earlier in the year by the villagers and paid for by Rotary has survived the earthquake and so, importantly, the villagers have access to a clean water supply. Food supplies are running low. The Principal of the School, Mahesh Pakhrin, is travelling to Charicot on Friday to try to obtain galvanised zinc sheeting to construct shelters and classrooms before the monsoon rains come. In the meantime, the school will resume operations next week using tents for classrooms! Whilst the immediate attention is focussed on the alleviation of suffering and the need to provide shelter and food to remote communities, in the longer term the country will have to face up to the acute shortage of materials and skilled labour to undertake the overwhelming task of reconstruction. It is estimated that over 60% of all houses in Nepal have been badly damaged or destroyed. If you would like to contribute to this avoidance of suffering Lloyds Bank Plc, Old Market Square, Nottingham Sort Code - 30-96-18 Bank Account Name - Rotary Club of Wollaton Park - No 2 Account Bank Account Number - 00131006 Charity Number 1033203

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