Kerala, Southern India- 2018


I am pleased to confirm that as a result of Club members’ support we were able to help after the devastating flood that hit Kerala, Southern India in August. Monies have already been received by the Charity Aquabox for the purchase of four Gold Aquaboxes at a cost of £600. Issues were raised as to whether they could be 
despatched to India immediately. Assurances were sought and  received through 
correspondence from DG to Aquabox  which satisfied our requirements.
Many Thanks.

David Jackson


The floods in Kerala state and surroundings are some of the worst in India’s history. 
Airports, rail and road routes have been seriously affected making aid distribution 
extremely challenging. These images were taken on 20th August.

Here at Aquabox we pride ourselves on finding  secure, rapid logistics solutions and overcoming local difficulties in order to deliver much needed aid. 
Through our work with Rotary clubs in the affected areas of Kerala we are now in the position to airfreight out 240 family filters and 10 community filters. Our website 
provides details on what these filters can achieve.These are scheduled to leave our depot tomorrow (Thursday 23rd August) with an estimated arrival time in Bangalore airport late Thursday/early Friday. From Bangalore the Aquafilters will be transported by road to Mangalore and then be distributed to the relief camps and other localilities in the 
devastated zones.  We are grateful to our Rotary colleagues in Southern India for their valuable assistance with this.
Helpfully, the Indian Government Ministry of Finance has issued a notification, that 
subject to very tight conditions, humanitarian aid for the flood affected areas will not be subject to import tax. This will remain in place until December 2018 and is an assurance against abuse of the aid aid donated.
Aquabox is continuing to work with local Keralan Rotary groups and examining the 
possibility of sending Aquabox Gold boxes (containing a wide variety of humanitarian a
id items).
Our work in providing this emergency aid places enormous demand on our funds. We rely totally on donations to allow our work to continue. If you feel able to support us, 
details on how to donate can be found on our website