Christmas Float - 2018


I am sure you will all be interested to know the results of all that hard work that members once again put in before Christmas to raise money for Treetops Hospice Care, Stroke Research and other Local Charities. Knowing how much you all love numbers you may be interested to see a comparison with last year as follows:

COLLECTIONS                                                    2018                   2017      

01/12/201 8 Bramcote Lane   Banked                  546.61              565.23 

04/12/2018 Harrow Road                                     438.02               468.76 

29/11/2018 Bramcote Lane Lights  switch on        nil                    130.41 

07/12/2018 Elvaston Road                                  338.13                461.06

08/12/2018 Waitrose - Wollaton                          689.12                585.00 

09/12/2018 Waitrose - Wollaton                          537.93                    0.00  

Circle Collection                                                    00.00                  78.22 

11/12/2018 Woodbank Road                              317.81                344.19 

14/12/201 8 Aspley                                             259.56                 214.80 

16/12/201 8 Parkside                                         539.55                  575.70 

21/12/2018 Sainsbury's Castle Marina              698.70                       0.00 

22/12/2018 Sainsbury's Castle Marina              747.59                   636.77 

23/12/2018 Sainsbury's Castle Marina              596.59                   775.09  

Other- In lieu of Xmas Cards from Members        nil                       115.00              

Total                                                                 £5,709. 56             £4,950. 23

 After expenses (assuming I have had them all notified) we are left with a net figure of £5,430.28 and no doubt the club will be making decisions on the distribution of these funds very soon.  As treasurer I had nothing to do with the organisation and even had to wimp out of two street  collections (man flu!) but counting up several of the collections is still very tiring and demanding, but an absolute pleasure of course. Many congratulations once again to Derek and Malcolm for the planning and all of those  engaged in preparing the float as well as all that were able to tow, walk, stand or whatever,  rattling buckets.               Chris Powell 

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