Mirge Nepal Update 5


Following the second major earthquake, only one building was left undamaged out of a total of 1,243. The army continue to erect zinc shelters for the villagers in a race against time as the Monsoon season approaches; and a Red Cross team has been distributing rice. On Sunday, the school re-opened yet again in newly erected zinc buildings to replace those which had been destroyed. Many of the children in the village have been traumatized by events and it is important to re-establish a school routine as quickly as possible. No one is sure what help will be forthcoming from the government: the National Planning Commission (NPC) is expected to publish a Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) report on the 15th June, but it is clear that the government will continue to have to rely on a great deal of international support. Our Rotary club will be looking to see how it can apply to Rotary Foundation for matching grants to assist in the reconstruction of the school and other village facilities. The current position of Rotary Foundation not to support building construction is to be challenged at the forthcoming RI Convention in Sao Paulo, Brasil. The generosity of local individuals and groups continues to be overwhelming allowing the club to transfer money direct to the village.

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