Visit to to the Army Cadets

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On a bitterly cold evening, six stalwart members of the Rotary Club of Wollaton Park visited the ACF on Wigman Road.
The event was an open evening; with the cadets being joined by their parents and siblings.
We were assembled in the classroom and given a talk on the openings available to adult volunteers. Fortunately, the cut off age was 65, so only Angie Perkins and Paul McGuire qualified to sign up as either civilians, NCOs or Officers. We tried to persuade Peter Boyd and John Dornan to lie about their age but to no avail. Then came a demonstration and discussion of the weapons which the cadets use for target practice. Both David Pedlar and Malcolm Darroch were keen to get their hands on the goods.  The cadets start on the .177 calibre Scorpion air-rifle made by BSA; equipped with aperture sights. If they show aptitude, they can graduate to a bolt action .22 bolt rimfire rifle. If they are really lucky, they may get a chance to play with the proper service rifle on a military range.
After coffee and biscuits, we all retired outside to the parade ground to inspect a bivouac and watch a demonstration of drill. After thirty minutes standing in sub-zero temperatures, Rotary senior officer David Pedlar (the remainder all took one step back when we were asked for a volunteer) presented the cadet of the month award to one of our potential RYLA candidates.
Our thanks to Lieutenant Gray, his team and cadets for a very enjoyable evening and to Angie for organising it.