Rotary Quiz Results

Quiz winners and answers

Rotary Club of Wigan Quiz 2018

Winners and answers.

Once again we have had a successful quiz if possibly a little more difficult than in previous years.

We received 27 entries of which 3 were correct so they share the £100.prize.

The three winners were Mr J Campbell.  Mr R Greenaway and S Buckley all from the Wigan Area.

The Answers to the quiz are, 

1.Sole, 2.Skate, 3.Seaweed.4.Mullet. 5.Crab. 6.Winkle. 7.Lobster. 8.Portuguese man o’ war. 

9.Whiting.10.Barnacle. 11.Sardine. 12.Herring. 13.Cod. 14.Hake. 15.Dugong. 16.Coral. 17.Abalone. 

18.Crown of thorns. 19.Seal. 20.Flounder. 21.Lamprey. 22.Ling. 23.Oyster. 24.Grouper. 25.Walrus. 

26 Octopus. 27.Nudibranch. 28.Squid. 29.Anemone. 30.Tuna. 31.Algae.32.Jack. 33.Orca. 34.Reef. 

35.Bonito. 36.Tunny. 37.Grayling. 38.Redcap. 39.Garibaldi. 40.Trumpeter. 41.Urchin. 42.Stout Longtom.

 43.Asterid. 44.Stonelifter. 45.Fugu. 46.Clam. 47.Mackerel. 48.Manatee. 49.Mussel. 50.Nemertea. 

51.Nautilus. 52.Shark. 53.Conch. 54.Quahog. 55.Anchovy. 56.Scallop. 57.Whale. 58.Albacore. 59.Pilchard.

 60.Xiphosura. 61.Sprat. 62.Piddock. 63.Halibut. 64.Plankton. 65.Sponge. 66.Puffer. 67.Smelt. 68.Whitebait.

 69.Gladius. 70.Prawn. 71.Eel. 72.Cockle. 73.Limpet. 73.Limpet. 74.Giant triton. 75.Vaquita .