30 Years of Servive Recognised

Dr Ananda Mukherjee clocks up 30 years in Rotary

Service Recognised

Ananda joined Ashton in Makerfield with Haydock Rotary club in 1989, when he was a working as a full time G.P. It was a hard act to manage both sides.

He loved my Rotary from the start and represented the club as a member and then chaired all the committees during his Rotary life in Ashton.

He was elected as president of Ashton Rotary twice in 2002 & 2007 and  enjoyed every moment.

Ananda was involved with International projects like Jaipur Limb Project, Water aid project and Developing a Blood Bank in India.

 Also locally, he involved himself with the young chef competition as well as taking out disabled children out to Camelot Theme park.

The Ashton Club tried to beautify our Ashton roads by planting bulbs and cleaning and maintaining a road regularly. Ashton Rotary organised concerts for the housebound and elderly people bringing and returning them to their homes by hiring coaches,

Ananda raised thousands of pounds through regularly holding “Indian theme nights” with the help of my wife, Sarbani, who organised “Indian Dance Drama and fashion shows” with local Ballet school girls.

He was in charge of “Stroke Awareness” Day, checking B.P. of Ashtonians every year and perhaps saved a few lives a service he still continues with Wigan Rotary.

Recently, he was chosen as “Hearing Ambassador” of Wigan Rory Club. It is a wonderful project provides an opportunity to involve local and International clubs to help people with deafness, who are shying off communicating with others.

Having two children and four grandchildren, babysitting has been a main hobby for the past five years. He loves going out with his son to watch Liverpool Football club playing at home ground. He has been fortunate to travel round the world extensively.

Ananda said of the award ‘I am proud to have serve Rotary for thirty years and hope to continue for some time.’