Santa is coming down your way! “Ho Ho Ho!!”

Wigan Rotary Club will be accompanying Santa and his sleigh around the streets of Wigan throughout December.

You can also see him at Tesco and Asda plus a special visit to Orrell Water Park on Sunday 8th December.

To further lift the Christmas spirits the Rotary Choir will be in the Grand Arcade on Saturday 7th December so come on down and join them to sing your favourite Christmas songs.

The President of Wigan Rotary Club Mervyn Reeves says ’This is a special time of year leading up to the ‘big day’ and we enjoy seeing the happy faces on children and adults alike as Santa travels around.  Make sure you know where we are each day be are ready to join us.  We are grateful for everyone’s generosity and the donations we receive.  All the money raised goes to Rotary Charities.  With over 40 different organisations benefitting last year alone from the money the people of Wigan donated’.

 Please see the list of dates when Santa is likely to be down your way and you can look at the club’s website to see a full up to date list of the routes and also details of how we spent the all the money raised last year.

 see the full list

Santa and his Carol Float will be out and about again this year starting on1st December.  He will be making lots of tours of the borough in the EVENINGS from 5 p.m weekends/week nights 6 p.m. to 8 pm. and visiting TESCO, ASDA ,Wigan Xmas Parade, Orrell Water Park, Smith Brook Business Park DURING THE DAYas follows:-

17.11.19                      Wigan Christmas Parade in the float.

Nov 30th                       5pm – 7 pm Shevington South -Vicarage Lane, off  Gathurst Lane, Oak Meadow Estate

Dec 1                           5pm – 8 pm Standish East- Copeland Ave, & Rectory Lane areas

Dec 2                           10am - 6pm ASDA Newtown

                                    5pm to 6pm Shevington South -Harrington Park

Dec 3                           10am – 6pm ASDA Newtown

6 pm  - 8pm Shevington North – Old Lane, Elnup Ave

Dec4                           6pm –  8pm Standish Central – Cranleigh, Silsbury                         

Dec 5                           6pm – 8pm Orrell South –Beeford Drive, ,Moor RdNaburn, Lynbridge

Dec 6                           10am – 6pm  TESCO Central Park Way    

Dec 7                           10.30 – 11.30 & 1.30-2.30 Rotary Choir sing in the Grand Arcade

5pm – 8 pm Appley Bridge –Post Office, Miles Lane and Mill Lane.

Dec 8                          12.00 - 4.30pm -  Orrell Water Park – static float

                                    5pm – 8 pm Winstanley – Holmes House Ave, Pepperwood Dr.                 

Dec 9                           10am – 6pm TESCO Central Park Way

                                    6pm – 8pm Springfield, St Andrews Cres, Norfolk St, Sacred Heart

Dec 10                         10am – 6pm Asda Newtown

                                    6pm – 8 pm Swinley - Mesnes Rd  Danesway, Swinley Ln, Holme Ave

Dec 11                         10am – 6pm Tesco Central Parkway

6pm – 8 pm Standish North –  Zoe’s Beauty Parlour. Preston Rd, Bloor Homes Primrose Lane

Dec 12                         6pm – 8 pm Almond Brook –Wain Homes Est,  Old Pepper Lane area                  

Dec13                         10am – 6 pm  TESCO Central Park Way

                                    6pm – 8pm Standish West -Almond Brook Road, Woodhouse Drive.

Dec 14                         10am – 6pm Tesco Central Park Way

5pm – 8 pm Standish South - Boars Head Av, Hartingdon Dr

Dec 15                         10am – 6pm  Tesco Central Park Way

                                    4.30pm - Hawkley Hall  - static @ Carr Lane WN3 5NL

Dec 16                         6pm – 7pm Winstanley Tanhouse 1 - Shopping Precinct Whitecroft Rd

Dec 17                         10am - 4pm ASDA Newtown

                                    6pm – 8pm Winstanley Tanhouse 2 - Shopping Precinct, Tanhouse Dr

Dec 20                         10am - 6pm Tesco Central Park Way                                

Dec 21                         10am - 6pm TESCO Central Park Way

                                    5pm - 8pm Whitley 1, Walter Scott Avenue, Hazelwood Road

Dec 22                         10am–6 pm TESCO Central Park Way

                                    5pm – 8pm Whitley Cres,Spencer Road, St Malo Rd, Romney Way

Dec 23                         10am – 6 pm TESCO Central Park Way

                                    Business Park