Wigan Rotary Club helping those most in need at the present time

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Food banks need help

       Wigan Rotary Club helping those most in need at the present time


Following the decision to cancel Wigan Rotary’s Community Day due to the impact of social isolation caused by the Coronavirus, the club immediately decided to put the contingency money for that event to good use and they sent donations to Fur Clemt and Sunshine House to assist them in providing much needed food and meals to those most in need of help.  Also they topped up their recent donation of £300 to the Brick by £150.

Shirley and the Fur Clemt team said We at Fur Clemt would like to express our gratitude to the Rotary Club for the very kind donation towards our efforts to support vulnerable people in our community.  £500 will go a long way to provide essential additions to the food hampers we are making.  We are currently sending out about 40 a day, but expect that to rise over the coming weeks so thank you so much for your contribution”.

Barbara Nettleton from Sunshine House also said “We are working on putting the donations to good use for people who are in crisis, we will be taking referrals from Wigan Council, so thank you so much this donation of £500 which is gratefully received and will be put to good use”.

President Mervyn Reeves said “In the mean time, whilst this unprecedented situation lasts, rest assured Wigan Rotary Club will do their best to help”.  He continued “This has been a great opportunity for us to use this money for our local charities when and where it is most needed.  I sincerely hope this crisis is over very soon”.

Recently the Club also donated £300 each to the Hospice and Age Concern.  Through the incredible support of the community, medical, religious, health and political bodies the Wigan Club raised £86,000 (today’s equivalent is over £500,000) to establish the first hospice in Poolstock 1983 and they have continued to give an annual donation.  In 1995 three members of the Wigan Rotary formed Age Concern Wigan Borough (now renamed Age UK Wigan Borough) which provides wide ranging services for the elderly in the borough and to whom the club also gives an annual donation.